This is a collaborative project that was formed in response to Hurricane Katrina. TransformaProjects is composed of myself, Rick Lowe, Sam Durant, Jessica Cusick, and Jess Garz.  Please visit the website for more information on our mission and some of the fascinating and creative projects happening in the city of New Orleans.


This is an International Marketing Company that commissioned 40 artists in the New Orleans area to make an artwork about our Katrina experiences.  The artworks were then auctioned off to benefit the Arts Council of New Orleans and to support the local art scene. Here is my painting.

Lawndale Art Center

Lawndale Art Center in Houston TX. has a fundraiser every year vaguely based on the idea of a retablo ( votive paintings done on rectangular sheets of tin).  The 8”x10” tin sheets are distributed to artist and you create an auction artwork with it.  Here is mine for the Fall 2008 event.


Snack Projects is a small exhibition space curated by Michael Guidry and Robert Ruello.  And we mean small -  11”h x 22”w x 13”d.   For the 2009 - 2011 season, the gallery is being hosted by Lawndale Art Center in Houston, TX.  Visit our website to see images of the gallery and the shows.

Works on Paperworks_on_paper.html
Robert Ruello


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